The TMC Approach

Our consultants follow a meticulous and proven methodology for each of our assignments which includes a strong emphasis on engagement and communication. While this methodology forms the structure that supports a successful outcome, we always adapt the process to best compliment client processes and communications styles. The phases of our process include:

  1. Begin: We begin each project with a planning meeting with the client. We work through a structured agenda where we discuss:
    • Project logistics
    • Schedule options in detail
    • Information gathering requirements
    • Stakeholders and alternates
    • Project communications plan
    • Audience and style for presentations and documents
    This phase usually concludes with a Project Charter.
  2. Collect: We coordinate the client’s aggregation of the required/desired project information.
  1. Interview: We interview selected stakeholders, providing interview notes for confirmation. Some groups or individuals may need more than one interview.
  2. Analyze: We review the collected information and interview results to understand the findings.
  3. Discuss: We discuss the findings and project implications with the client so that we jointly determine priorities and agree on the recommendations and roadmap.
  4. Document and Present: We prepare one or more versions of the project documents and presentation deck, as required for different audiences. These draft documents are reviewed by the client, finalized and issued/presented.