Choosing a Consultant

It's not easy to choose a consulting firm that will become your trusted advisor, one that will focus on your goals rather than their standard process and will have a proven way to keep you in control. TMC has become the trusted advisor to many and here are the criteria that they used to choose us.

  1. The firm has a good reputation and references.
  2. The firm has experience in what you want to accomplish.
  3. The consultants are friendly and relaxed - can work well with people at every level of an organisation.
  4. The consultants clearly communicate what services are being offered and how that will meet your requirements.
  5. The consultants respect your views and goals.
  1. The firm is clear on how you will be billed, and for what.
  2. The firm has a process for keeping the project on track.
  3. The firm has a process for continuoulsy assessing the effectiveness of their approach.
  4. The firm has a process for keeping you up to date on progress as well as the risk of schedule slip and changes to deliverables.
  5. The consultants will tailor their approach to your specific requirements, both initially and as the project progresses.